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To be the best you, must train like the best... harder than the best.  I will teach your cheerleading squad the skills necessary to rise to the top!  Choreography can be taught, but the drive to win is a team effort!!

Come to beautiful Savannah, GA to train at at the beach or our All Star cheerleading gym, Crowned Elite Athletics... or we will travel to you to create a customized camp experience in your facility.

Every team wants to do their best cheerleading choreography at competition.  Let the industry's best cheerleading choreographers teach the skills and routine that will allow you to compete against the best teams... and win!

What are the Choreography "must haves"?

  •  Good Choreography should include ALL Elements on the Score Sheet:  A good choreographer needs to make sure that they include EVERY element in a particular routine that is on the score sheet. 

  • A Good Choreogrpaher will Include the Elements in PROPORTION to the Score Sheet: Professional cheer choreographers know to include each element in proportion to its weight on the score sheet.  Most score sheets are similar, but not all weigh each category the same.  For example, it makes no sense to tumble for 60% of your routine when tumbling is only 30% of the score sheet.

  • Good Choreography will Include a UNIQUE Style:  A cheerleading choreographer should also be knowledgable in the particular “style” of the competitions in which a team will be competing.  Each competition company and cheer organization has its own style for which they are known and often have unique routine requirements.  The particular style that the majority of teams adhere to at a certain competition is usually fairly transparent, and it is often in a team’s best interest to use that style in their routine.  However, sometimes there are routine requirements that are not found specifically on the score sheet, but are known by people familiar with that certain competition.  For example at certain state competitions, Jumps might be only 5 points out of 100 on the score sheet, but people in the know understand that to maximize your jump score you need to do at least 3 different jumps and to include at least one double jump.

  • A Good Choreographer will add a “HOOK":  The bestchoreographers will include one or more “hooks.”  Hooks are often used to describe parts of songs that make segments of your routine stand out to the judges.  Routine hooks can take many forms – great overall flow, exciting transitions, a new pyramid, riviting routine music, a unique stunt entry, etc.  It is a choreographer’s job to make a certain routine stand out from all of the other routines.  This can often be very challenging because many routines are choreographed by professionals these days.  It’s important to note that a routine hook doesn’t always translate as increased difficult.  Some of the best and most memorable routine elements are merely creative and not that difficult to execute.

don't wish for it.  work for it.


Cheerleading Choreography is Art!

Cheerleading Choreography for Champions!