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We are proud to announce that 2013-2022, 90% of our clients won their respective division!


The DanceCheerMove team designs Cheerleading Choreography for middle school, high school, and All Star squads Worldwide.  All of our cheerleading choreography packages include high quality, custom mixed cheerleading music, unique and cutting edge choreography that is designed around your team's ability level, and top-notch instruction from experienced cheerleading coaches and instructors.  Choreography Fee structure available upon request.

Your Routine

Your DCM cheerleading choreography routine will be explosive and exciting, with smooth transitions, and innovative appeal.  The competition choreography we design for your team will showcase your squad's strengths and hide its weaknesses.  The dance component will be creative and have a visual appeal that will receive top scores from the judges!   

Why Us?

The DanceCheerMove Choreographers are proven winners!  Our instructors have judged many cheerleading competitions, therefore we know how to design routines that get top scores every time out!  We have a host of National, Regional, and State victories under our belts at All Star, High School, and Individual levels.  We are also proud of our "Best Cheerleading Choreography"  and "Most Innovative Choreography" wins at the All Star level! 

Cheerleading Choreography Packages Include:

Full Routine
2-3 Days of Instruction (Discussed prior to session)
Eight Count Sheet
Travel to you
Web Coaching (Optional)
Unlimited support via phone and e-mail

Choreography Clean Up

Even great cheerleading choreography needs to be tweaked, adjusted, and enhanced throughout a season.  As your team evolves and changes due to injuries, skill progression, and any other cheer drama :), you may want or need us to come back to make those key adjustments to continue on the road to a championship.  Remember, the only thing constant is change... DCM can help you harness that change into an award winning choreography routine!!

Al la Carte Cheerleading Choreography

$800  for 4 hours for Opening/ Partner Stunt/Pyramid for 25 and under
$900 for 5 hours for Opening/ Partner Stunt/Pyramid for 25 to 35
$1,000 for 5 hours for Opening/ Partner Stunt/Pyramid for 35 to 45

$1,000 for 4 hours for Dance for 25 and under
$1,200 for 4 to 5 hours for Dance for 25 to 35
$1,400 for 4 to 5 hours for Dance for 35 to 45

We work with Squads of all sizes, ability levels, and locales!